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Senior sales engineer
Arminas Butkus +370 5 219 4884
Corner cube retroreflectors
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Corner cube retroreflectors

Main features


  • Fabricated from high-quality UV grade fused silica, BK7 optical glasses
  • Provides high-precision angle insensitive high-precision retroreflection (180° ±30 arcsec)
  • Inverts and reverses the image
  • Antireflective coatings, custom material, and dimensions available upon request


Application examples


  • Beam alignment
  • Retroreflectors
Request custom
  • Description
  • Drawing
  • Standard specifications

4Lasers standard uncoated corner cube retroreflectors are fabricated from high-quality UVFS and BK7 optical glasses. Corner cube retroreflector prisms provide the beam deviation by 180° and create an inverted, reversed image independent of the angle of incidence, with a wide incident angle acceptance range. The operating principle is based on three total internal reflections inside the prism. Antireflective coatings have to be applied in order to optimize the optical transmission for a particular application. Contact us for coating service, custom solutions, and pricing.

Corner cube retroreflectors
Substrate material BK7, UVFS
Beam deviation 180° ± 30 arcsec
Wavelength range Uncoated BK7 retroreflectors: 350 nm - 2 μm
Uncoated UVFS retroreflectors: 185 nm - 2,1 μm
Clear aperture >80% of face dimensions
Dimensions tolerance +0,0/-0,3 mm
Angle tolerance ±5 arcsec
Protective chamfers <0,35 mm at 45°
Surface quality 40-20 S-D
Surface flatness ≤λ/4@632,8 nm
Coatings Uncoated, available upon request
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Material Diameter Height SKU PRICE QUANTITY
⌀25,4 mm
17,5 mm
185 €
⌀25,4 mm
17,5 mm
140 €