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Barium nitrate crystals
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Barium nitrate crystals

Main features


  • Transparency range from 350 nm to 1800 nm
  • Raman frequency shift of 1048 cm-1
  • Excellent Raman shifter for nanosecond applications
  • Custom crystal dimensions, orientation and coatings available upon request


Application examples


  • External cavity Raman laser pumped by commercialy available passivelly
    Q-switched nanosecond Nd:YAG laser
  • Generation of 1,59 μm "eye-safe" radiation, which coincides with CO2 absorption line
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  • Description
  • Properties
  • Specifications

Barium nitrate (Ba(NO3)2) is one of the leading crystals among solid-state Raman shifters in terms of Raman gain coefficient, which is known to be the highest at nanosecond steady-state regime (gR = 47 cm/[email protected] nm pump). Barium nitrate also features moderately broad transparency range (0,33 μm - 1,8 μm) and high damage threshold. Drawbacks of barium nitrate crystal is low thermal conductivity (1,17 Wm-1K-1) and high electro-optic coefficient (dn/dT = -20×10-6 K-1), which lead to thermal lensing effect. The crystal is soft and hygroscopic, therefore should be carried with caution. 4Lasers recommend to use barium nitrate as Raman shifter for nanosecond applications.

Physical and optical properties
Chemical formula  Ba(No3)2
Crystal structure Cubic, P213
Lattice parameters a = b = c = 8,11 Å
Density 3,25 g/cm3
Mohs hardness 2,5-3
Transparency range 0,33 - 1,8 μm
Refractive index @1064 nm 1,555
Thermal conductivity 1,17 Wm-1K-1@||c
Thermal expansion coefficient 13×10-6 K-1
dn/dT -20×10-6 K-1
Raman frequency shift 1047 cm-1
Raman linewidth 0,4 cm-1
Raman gain (ns, steady-state regime) 47 cm/[email protected] nm, 11 cm/[email protected] nm
Dephasing time 28 ps
Barium nitrate crystals
Orientarion [110]
Clear aperture >90%
Face dimensions tolerance +0,0/-0,1 mm
Length tolerance ±0,1 mm
Parallelism error <3 arcmin
Perpendicularity error <10 arcmin
Protective chamfers <0,1 mm at 45˚
Surface quality 40-20 S-D
Surface flatness <λ/[email protected],8 nm (typical)
Wavefront distortion <λ/[email protected],8 nm (typical)
Coatings AR/[email protected] nm
Laser induced damage threshold >10 J/cm2@1064 nm, 10 ns
Mount Unmounted
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Face dimensions Length Doping Coatings SKU PRICE QUANTITY
5x5 mm
15 mm
610 €
5x5 mm
30 mm
710 €
5x5 mm
45 mm
800 €
5x5 mm
75 mm
910 €