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Senior sales engineer
Matas Plukys
High Power LD Driver OEM CW 25A 40V SF6100
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High Power LD Driver OEM CW 25A 40V SF6100

Main features


  • ULTRA-COMPACT: 60mm x 58mm x 30mm
  • Very High efficiency up to 95%
  • NTC thermistor input (for shutdown driver when the laser diode was overheating)
  • Analog Control Signal/ RS-232 / UART
  • Soft-Start Current Ramp to User Set-Point
  • Possibility to calibrate current within 5%
  • Multiple Layers of Laser Diode Protection  
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SF6 is the series of high power, compact OEM constant current laser diode drivers. Unique laser driver circuit solutions allows to achieve high efficiency (up to 97%) and high power density. Aluminum base plate provides effective remove heat from laser diode driver module with the water or air cooling. Laser current driver have generous amount of protection features for laser diode safety operating. The main fields of application for high power laser drivers SF6 is laser marking, welding, soldering, and cutting applications, medical equipment, laser measurement equipment, spectrometers, lidar, range finders and laboratory test set-ups.

CURRENT & VOLTAGE Output Current Range (I) 0 ~ 25 Аmps
Output Voltage (0.8*Vin max) (V) 5 ~ 40 Volts
Minimum Current Set-Point Step Size 0.01 Amps
Rise Time (Iout = 12,5A) min - 140μs; max - 300μs
(Iout = 25A) min - 130μs; max - 250μs
Fall Time min - 10μs; max - 50μs
Current Stability <0.2 %
Current Setpoint Absolute Accuracy <1 %
DIMENSIONS 60 mm x 58 mm x 30 mm
LASER DIODE PROTECTION Soft-Start Current Ramp to User Set-Point
User Adjustable Current Limit
Over-Current Protection Shutdown
Over-Temperature Warning & Shut-Down
Reverse Current Protection
Crowbar Circuit Protection
Disable Input
USER INTERFACE Analog Control Signal Connector
RS-232 / UART Serial Digital Interface
Enable / Disable Input Signal Input
DRIVER INPUT Input Voltage Range (Vin): 12 VDC ~ 55 VDC
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Output Current Range Output Voltage Range Operating mode SKU PRICE QUANTITY
0 ~ 25 Amps
5 ~ 40 Volts