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CdSe crystals
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CdSe crystals

Main features


  • Wide transparency range (0,7-24 µm)
  • Reasonably large nonlinearity
  • Small walk-off angle


Application examples


  • Far infrared wavelength radiation generation by DFG, OPO schemes
  • Material for infrared optical elements: substrates, polarizers, waveplates, etc.
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  • Description
  • Properties

Cadmium selenide (CdSe) crystals feature an infrared transmission up to 24 µm, reasonably large nonlinearity and small walk-off angle. CdSe crystals can be employed into difference frequency generation (DFG), optical parametric oscillation (OPO) schemes to generate infrared laser radiation above ZGP absorption edge (>12 µm). For instance, CdSe OPO can potentially be pumped by 2 µm Tm-doped, Ho-doped, Tm and Ho co-doped lasers and produce far infrared idler radiation. Besides nonlinear optic applications cadmium selenide crystal material can be used for IR optical elements: substrates, polarizers, waveplates, etc.

Physical and optical properties
Chemical formula  CdSe
Crystal structure Hexagonal, 6mm
Lattice parameters a = 4,2985 Å, c = 7,0150 Å
Optical symmetry Positive uniaxial (ne > no)
Density @288 K 5,81 g/cm3
Mohs hardness 3,25
Transparency range 0,7-24 µm @“0” transmittance level)
Dispersion equations @T = 293 K (λ in µm) no2 = 4,2243 + 1,7680 λ2/(λ2 - 0,2270) + 3,1200 λ2/
2 - 3380);
ne2 = 4,2009 + 1,8875 λ2/(λ2 - 0,2171) + 3,6461 λ2/
2 - 3629)
Refractive indices no = 2,431, ne = 2,452
Thermal conductivity @T = 293 K 6,9 (||c) Wm-1K-1, 6,2 (⊥c) Wm-1K-1
Laser induced damage threshold 60 MW/cm2@10,6 μm, 200 ns
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