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Senior sales engineer
Arminas Butkus +370 5 219 4884
Tm:YLF crystals
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Tm:YLF crystals

Main features


  • Strong absorption bands for laser diode pumping
  • Weak thermal lensing
  • High polarization purity
  • Custom crystals available upon request


Application examples


  • LIDAR systems for remote sensing applications
  • Pump source for Ho3+:YAG lasers
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  • Description
  • Properties
  • Absorption and emission curves
  • Standard specifications

Tm3+:YLF crystal features high absorption peaks conveniently located for diode pumping around 792 nm and exhibits a cross-relaxation process, which creates two ions in the upper laser level for each pump photon absorbed. Tm3+:YLF lasers are ideal pump sources for Ho3+:YAG lasers. This is due to a good overlap of Tm3+:YLF emission and Ho3+:YAG absorption spectra and the capacity of producing linearly polarized output. What is more, the refractive index of Tm3+:YLF decreases with temperature, leading to a negative thermal lens that is partly compensated by a positive lens effect due to end face bulging.

Spectroscopic and thermo-mechanical properties
Absorption peak wavelength 792 nm
Absorption cross-section at peak 0,55 × 10-20 cm2
Absorption bandwidth at a peak wavelength 16 nm
Laser wavelength 1900 nm
Lifetime of 3F4 thulium energy level 16 ms
Emission cross-section @1900 nm 0,4 × 10-20 cm2
Refractive index @1064 nm no=1,448, ne=1,470
Crystal structure Tetragonal
Density 3,95 g/cm3
Mohs’ hardness 5
Thermal conductivity 6 Wm-1K-1
dn/dT -4,6 × 10-6 (//c) K-1, -6,6 × 10-6 (//a) K-1
Thermal expansion coefficient 10,1 × 10-6 (//c) K-1, 14,3 × 10-6 (//a)  K-1
Typical doping level 2-4 at.%

Tm:YLF crystals
Orientation a-cut
Clear aperture >90%
Face dimensions tolerance +0,0/-0,1 mm
Length tolerance ±0,1 mm
Parallelism error <10 arcsec
Perpendicularity error <10 arcmin
Protective chamfers <0,1 mm at 45˚
Surface quality 10-5 S-D
Surface flatness <λ/10@632,8 nm
Coatings AR(R<0,5%)@792 nm + AR(R<0,5%)@1800-1960 nm on both faces
Laser-induced damage threshold >10 J/cm2@1900 nm, 10 ns
Mount Unmounted
Order your item
Face dimensions Length End faces Doping Coatings SKU PRICE QUANTITY
3x3 mm
8 mm
Right-angle cut
AR/AR@792 nm+ 1800-1960 nm
590 €
3x3 mm
8 mm
Brewster cut
540 €