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Ultrafast shutters
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Ultrafast shutters

Main features


  • Custom wavelength available from UV to IR
  • Ultrafast switching time (opened-opened) 500 μs
  • Switching frequency range 0-500 Hz
  • Laser power up to 200W
  • Laser beam polarization independent
  • Compact vertical design
  • Compatable with femtosecond lasers

    Application examples


  • Laser cutting
  • Engraving
  • Laser surgery systems
  • Research
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    Laser Shutter is used for single or multiple laser exposure interruption. It can be used with high power lasers in custom spectral region from UV to IR. Operation of Laser Shutter is based on the fast galvanomagnetic scanner. Scanner is incorporated in nondispersive optical system assuring blanking speed better than parts of milliseconds. This design does not use any dispersive optical elements (lenses, prisms).

    What’s in the box?


  • Ultrafast shutter
  • Shutter mount
  • Controller with power supply
  • Control cable

    Ultrafast laser shutter specifications
    Incident beam diameter Standard <10 mm, custom <30mm
    Laser beam polarization independent
    Laser power, max 200W
    Switching frequency range 0-500Hz
    Switching time (closed-opend) <0.2 ms
    Typical switching time (opened-opened) <0.5 ms
    Control Via RS232, USB
    Control from external (0-5V) generator YES
    Control from internal (0-5V) generator YES
    Manual control YES
    Manual switching YES
    Shutter position indication YES
    Shutter dimensions 220 x 50 x 50mm
    Shutter dimensions 220 x 50 x 50mm
    Controller dimensions 146 x 225 x 94 mm
    Electrical power consumption <30W, 100-230V
    Custom components

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