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Unpolarized beam motorized laser power attenuators LPA-U
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Unpolarized beam motorized laser power attenuators LPA-U

Features and advantages


  • Designed for unpolarised laser beam
  • Up to 200W of average laser power
  • Beam offset compensated
  • Integrated controller
  • Absolute position encoder - no homing required
  • High accuracy ±0,005 deg
  • Robust design with water-cooling
  • Clear aperture - ø12 mm
  • Fast adjustment - less than 0,5 sec (min to max)
  • High damage threshold: up to 10J/cm2 (10 ns @ 1064 nm)

    Application examples


  • Precise laser micromachining
  • Laser power stabilization 
  • Research
  • Request custom
    • Description
    • Standard specifications
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    • Additional accessories

    Advanced motorised laser power attenuator LPA-U is a unique device designed for unpolarised laser power control with integrated controller and absolute position encoder.

    The LPA-U is produced in the UV, visible and NIR spectral ranges, from 343 nm to 2000 nm and 10,6 um. This device is combined with the unique mechanical robust design which ensures high repeatability.

    All optical components of the LPA-U are made for high LIDT and provide stable and reliable performance even using them with high power lasers in industrial applications.

    A secondary laser beam from laser power attenuator unit is rejected to an internal beam dump. Water-cooling is used for avoiding any thermal effects or stress in the housing of the LPA-U device.


    What’s in the box?


  • Integrated motorised laser power attenuator
  • Software
  • Power supply DC 12V
  • USB (1.5 m) cable

    Available accessories


  • RS232 cables: 1,8 m, 5 m, 10 m, 15m

    Motorized laser power attenuator specifications
    OPTICAL Clear input aperture ⌀12 mm
    Clear output aperture ⌀12 mm
    Optical configuration Angular filter + AR/AR coated Fused silica window
    Power attenuation range 2 - 95%
    LIDT coating >10 [J/cm2] (10 ns @ 1064 nm)
    Close to open time <0,5 sec
    Accuracy ±0,005 deg (± 18 arcsec, 0,087 mrad, less than ±0,01%)
    Resolution 175,543 μsteps in full rotation (0,002 deg, 7,2 arcsec, 0,035 mrad)
    Absolute position encoder YES
    Available coatings
    1064 nm, 1070 nm, custom
    5-10 nm
    MECHANICAL LPA-U mechanical dimensions 85 x 93,5 x 135 mm
    Controller Integrated
    ELECTRONIC Communication Trough ASCII commands (described in manual)
    Software interface LPA software
    Input voltage DC 12 V
    Control interface USB, RS232
    Transmission speed Up to 115,200 bits/s (RS-232); full speed (USB 2.0)
    CONDITIONS Operating temperature, Celsius +10 to +40
    Mounting holes M6 on both sides, M4 on the bottom side
    Housing material
    Anodized aluminum
    Available accessories

    USB cable 3 m 15435 32 €
    RS232 cable 1,8 m 17616
    22 €
    RS232 cable 5 m 17631 27 €
    RS232 cable 10 m 13483 32 €
    RS232 cable 15 m 17632 37 €
    Order your item
    Item model Design wavelength, nm Attenuation range Clear input aperture, mm Clear output aperture, mm Dimensions (H x W x L) Polarization SKU PRICE Download QUANTITY
    85 x 93,5 x 135 mm
    suitable with polarized and unpolarized beam
    3500 €
    85 x 93,5 x 135 mm
    suitable with polarized and unpolarized beam
    3500 €