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Senior sales engineer
Matas Plukys
Infrared (IR) viewers
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Infrared (IR) viewers «In Stock»

Infrared (IR) viewers are used to observe, register, and record both indirect and direct radiation of IR lasers, light-emitting diodes (LED’s), dye, and other IR-sources. It is ideal for IR-laser beam alignment and inspection, optical fiber alignment, telecommunications, solar panel inspection, photo processing, surveillance and investigation in botany, biophysics, medicine, forensics and art restoration, infrared microscopy, fluorescence, etc. Digital version of IR viewer is based on multiphoton absorption (MPA) phenomenon when the wavelength of the laser exceeds the linear spectral detection range of the silicon material. In addition, the process of photoelectrons requires spatial and temporal filtering from noise to enhance the visualization of IR photons beyond the 1,1µm spectrum. By adjusting the gain on a pixel-by-pixel basis, it is possible to achieve imaging up to 1,7µm.


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  • (IR) Infrared viewer
  • IR filter
  • Handle
  • Battery and case
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