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Super-polished substrates
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Super-polished substrates

Main features


  • Fabricated from high-quality UV grade fused silica glass
  • Super-polished front surface
  • <1 Å or <2 Å (RMS) surface roughness options
  • <λ/[email protected],8 nm surface flatness over clear aperture
  • Coatings, custom dimensions available upon request


Application examples


  • Ideal for ultrafast applications due to ultra-low scatter
  • End mirrors in CEAS (Cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy) instruments
  • Mirrors in RLG (ring laser gyroscope) devices used in navigational systems for aircraft and spacecraft
  • Cavity mirrors in green (543 nm) HeNe lasers
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  • Description
  • Standard specifications

4Lasers super-polished UVFS substrates with remarkable surface roughness and flatness properties are designed to be coated with dielectric thin-film or metallic coatings and used as mirrors for highprecision, high-power and ultrafast applications. By using superpolished sub-angstrom surface roughness optics light scattering effects are minimized and overall laser system efficiency is increased. These components are initially uncoated and demands metallic or dielectric coatings for a particular application. 4Lasers provide coatings service upon request. Contact us for custom solutions and pricing.

Super-polished substrates
Substrate material UVFS
Wavelength range Uncoated UVFS substrates: 185 nm - 2,1 μm
Clear aperture >90%
Face dimensions tolerance +0/-0,15 mm
Thickness tolerance ±0,25 mm
Protective chamfers <0,35 mm at 45°
Surface flatness <λ/[email protected],8 nm
Surface quality 10-5 S-D
Surface roughness <1 Å or 2 Å (RMS) within detection resolution
Coatings Uncoated, available upon request
Rear surface Fine ground, commercial polishing upon request
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Material Dimensions Surface flatness Surface roughness SKU PRICE QUANTITY
⌀12,7x6 mm
<1 Å (RMS)
200 €
⌀12,7x6 mm
<2 Å (RMS)
140 €