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Contour near infrared (IR) CCD camera
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Contour near infrared (IR) CCD camera

Main features


  • Spectral region 400-1700 nm
  • High sensitivity CCD camera
  • Small and compact
  • Tripod fixed
  • Cost-effective
  • Video output
  • 2 years warranty

    Application examples


  • Laser alignment and safety
  • Semiconductors inspection
  • Forensics and art restoration
  • Photo processing
  • Thermal imaging
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    • Technical information

    The near infrared CONTOUR-IR camera is designed for observation, registration and recording radiation in near infrared zone in 400-1700 nm spectral region emitted by infrared sources such as GaAs IR LED, diode or solid-state lasers as well as for use in infrared microscopy, infrared luminescence, examination of documents, forensics, art restoration and etc.

    The camera is based on a high-sensitive low-noise silicon CCD sensor and two-photon absorption phenomenon. Superior image quality is obtained with micro lens system and special coating layer on a silicon.

    Contour IR CCD camera specifications
    Field of view 10°
    Focusing range 0,2 m (or 0,08 m with distance ring) to inf
    Ration signal-to-noise 48 dB
    Video output CCIR Standard composite video
    Power supply DC 10…14V, 150mA
    Temperature range +5… +40°C
    Weight 0,23kg
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 90x50x58 mm
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    Item model Spectral sensitivity Sensor Size Maximum Resolution Resolution at Maximum Sensitivity Lens SKU PRICE QUANTITY
    1/3 inches, 6,0mm x 4,96mm
    570 TV lines
    135 TV lines
    F1,4/26mm, CS-mount
    1099 €